Thursday, 30 October 2008

Kathmandu @ Swayambhu Temple

Swayambhu Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal - at about sunrise (yes, I did wake up for sunrise!)

View of Kathmandu Valley

View of Kathmandu Valley.


View of the mountains from top of the temple (too bad its not Everest, or a snow-capped mountain. In fact, Nepalese just call it "hills").


Lots of pigeons at the temple

Prayer flags

Prayer flags all around the temple


View of the temple from below.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Preview of Nepal

I'm in Nepal now, where things are inconsistant - such as electricity, mobile phone service, and Wi-Fi. And since the Wi-Fi is good today, I'm giving you a snapshot of Nepal.

This was taken while visiting a village (for work). The mountains!


mountains in the distance


Its not Everest, but its still so pretty.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Japan's Land Problem

Land is so limited in Japan. Particularly in Tokyo city.

They had to protect whatever little bits of nature left...

Wildlife area

Even recycling is a complex issue...

separate your rubbish

Categories of rubbish - plastic, bottles, tin, paper... burnable and unburnable rubbish.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bullet Train in Japan

I took the bullet train!!

It was from central Tokyo to Osaka. A journey of over 500km in just 2.5 hours on the Nozomi train on the Tokaido line. Bullet trains are called Shinkansen in Japan. This one goes up to a maximum of 300 km/h. A return trip costs JPY 27,700 (USD 275).

Shinkansen lines

Oh yeah, you bet I got excited about it. This is a day trip I'm taking (for work though), so to maximise my time, I had to go there early. I took the 8am train (means I had to wake up and leave the hotel pretty early). My Dad says I'll be passing Mount Fuji on the way. Yay!

My ticket

I had my little breakfast (bought the night before) on the train. The train was really smooth. At one point, you can feel it accelerating as it gets out of Tokyo city. But other than that, you don't feel a thing. You never realise how fast the train is going, until an opposite train by pass us - and you realise you cant even focus on any window or see anyone else on the other train, everything is just a white and blue fuzz.

Ah... it was a really comfortable ride. So comfortable, in fact, that I easily fell into a deep sleep (factor in the early morning and nice breakfast). Until I woke up mid way... and freaked out!


Is this Mount Fuji?

This is the only 'mountain' I managed to see until I fell asleep again.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dancing on Sundays

You can go dancing on Sundays!

Located just beside Yoyogi Park entrance (actually, very close to the cosplay area).

rock band

You can do the whole rock concert thing - head shaking, fist pumping action. Its really cute...


Or you can do the sweet little 60s dance

street rockers

Or the more aggressive dance by leather-clad bikers with dubious hairdos.

biker dance

You asked for it...

(there's a little surprise halfway...)

Friday, 10 October 2008

Cosplay in Japan

If you have a Sunday free in Tokyo - head to Harajuku. Interesting stuff awaits you there!

Head towards the entrance of Meiji Jinggu Shrine (just beside the Harajuku station).

No photo

You may see a sign for "No Photo!" - but then, everybody takes photos! So, don't bother about the sign.


This is COSPLAY in action! Everyone dress up as they fancy (but usually following some character in their favourite mangga comic)

little princess  ninja girl

There's even a make up artist cum hair stylist on standby.

hair stylist

But most of the time, they're really posing just for themselves. They are camwhores!

camwhoring action



Don't ask me what character they are - how would I know?!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Tokyo by Night

Bright lights dominate the Tokyo scenes! Here's some photos from around Tokyo... enjoy

Ueno Park

Ueno highway - train station on the far left

Ueno's famous shopping place

Not what you think - its a pachinco parlor   

Famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing

Around Ueno 

Even quiet streets in Tokyo are all lit up!