Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Work work work

I am browsing through the photos taken during the 10-day trip to Kathmandu, Nepal last month. Took 430 photos altogether. Only now I just realised that they’re all work-related photos!

I wanted to take at least some photos with the new lens (uh huh – ultra wide lens), but didn’t have time. Or maybe I just didn’t put in effort to go out. Its been so long since I just take photos that I like (and actually have time to process them). Maybe that is why this blog is slowing down too. Haven’t even been downloading, sorting and filing photos too.

Gotta start doing it sometime… maybe next week.


Here’s a work-related photo from Nepal. Animals, of course.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Not rice fields

Living in Malaysia, you can see rice fields everywhere (maybe not much these days though). So you take it for granted when you go somewhere else and see fields of green. Automatically you think its rice. But then you realise there’s something different about it.


fields of green its wheat! 

Its wheat! (in Nepal)