Saturday, 23 August 2008

Life in Bali

Finally arrived here in Bali. Thanks to the conference in Jakarta, I had no choice but to come to Bali earlier than I should. But its not all fun and games, I still have some work to finish... though quite difficult when your work station is like this:

pool side office

Tempting isn't it?

Babi Guling

And this is lunch: Babi Guling - the Balinese suckling pig. Don't just this by its looks, the taste is really good! 

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shocking stuff!

Saw this in one of the hotel in Bogor, Indonesia.


The rest of the sentence says "... be sure floor is dry when using them"



Monday, 18 August 2008

Museum Siam

Museum Siam is a new museum in Bangkok (location and opening hours details here). It is a cute little interesting museum. It displays about the Thai people and their culture. What amazes me is the nice interactive displays they have there.

Boat ride

Take a boat ride there, its nicer.


Modern art and old-style building.


Cute logo - millions of them throughout the museum.


Historical displays.




Retro feel.


Traditional stuff.


Hands on interactive multimedia.

Suitable for kids. OH! Except for the topless woman during the 15-minute mini movie introduction.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Self Proclaimed Photographer

I don't really consider myself a professional photographer. I'm still learning, just as much as the next person. But since there's no one else who knows photography in the office, I've decided to take staff development into my own hands.

I've conducted several 3-hour mini seminar for most people in the office. Why? Because our office has a nice SLR camera that nobody knows how to use. Because there's not enough nice photos for fund raising. And most importantly, to get people to stop asking me the same questions again and again! No lah, I mean to get people to stop asking me questions that require lengthy answers.

And some of them got really good too. Here's some examples.


Nice panning shot.

Reflection/distortion - shows creativity! 

Good creativity.

 Nice angle of our office building

Nice angle.

Focusing on the right subject

Nice composition, focusing.

flower centre piece

Ah... the over-shot flowers, just because they're always in the centre of the conference table!

Anyway. I'm proud of my "students". In fact, one of them actually went out and bought an SLR too! Another convert added on my list! Hehehe... my secret mission.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Nothing much to update this week. I'm here in the apartment with nothing to do while waiting for a phone call... so I'm posting this random photo.


Friends. Photo taken during Chinese New Year 2008 - stirring the "Yee Sang" to bring luck.

And I'll be meeting them again when I go back home this weekend!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Why am I Torturing Myself?!

I've decided to have my other wisdom tooth pulled.

I think this sentence says it all! I must be nuts! The moment the dentist started, I already started to regret it. The last time I had it removed (that one was necessary) was about 5 years ago, and that was agonising enough.

This time I decided to remove it before it caused any damage. The procedure took about 1 hour (though it felt like 10 hours). There was a lot of drilling and pulling, even my lips was injured in the process.

This tooth was really stubborn! It was embedded deep inside. It really didn't want to come out. Heck, even the tips of the roots were curled (hooked) and clinging onto my jaw.

Now I'm writing this in pain, and my face is starting to swell up. Will I recognise myself tomorrow? Thank God I only have had 2 wisdom tooth (now all gone, yay!). I pity those with 4!

Wisdom tooth 

This picture was taken from wikipedia. In my haste to run away, I forgot to take my tooth back, or the x-ray.