Saturday, 2 August 2008

Why am I Torturing Myself?!

I've decided to have my other wisdom tooth pulled.

I think this sentence says it all! I must be nuts! The moment the dentist started, I already started to regret it. The last time I had it removed (that one was necessary) was about 5 years ago, and that was agonising enough.

This time I decided to remove it before it caused any damage. The procedure took about 1 hour (though it felt like 10 hours). There was a lot of drilling and pulling, even my lips was injured in the process.

This tooth was really stubborn! It was embedded deep inside. It really didn't want to come out. Heck, even the tips of the roots were curled (hooked) and clinging onto my jaw.

Now I'm writing this in pain, and my face is starting to swell up. Will I recognise myself tomorrow? Thank God I only have had 2 wisdom tooth (now all gone, yay!). I pity those with 4!

Wisdom tooth 

This picture was taken from wikipedia. In my haste to run away, I forgot to take my tooth back, or the x-ray.

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