Sunday, 28 September 2008

Harajuku Fashion Guide


Harajuku is more or less the teenage fashion street in Tokyo. It's uniquely Japanese - you cant quite compare it to any other place in the world. This is a brief guide on what to wear in Harajuku.

Its best to go with a good friend. Then you can dress up like twins.


Of if you're with a several friends, dress like you belong in a group - not the Mafia kind, but the boy-band kind.

pop stars

You cant go wrong with either black or white.

Black or white 

Accessorise! Hat or head gear, ties, long stockings, wooly boots, etc

wooly boots and long stockingsties are in  Funky hats Something on the head (matching too)

The "school girl" look is in - and easier to go as twins too.

School girl is there something alluring about school girls?

You don't have to be Japanese - fashion applies to foreigners too.

foreigner accessory is important

And if you're a couple - dress in matching clothes.

Cool couple 1  Cool couple 2

And if all else fails... just dress weirdly.

IMG_0758IMG_0805 IMG_0822IMG_0716  

Doesn't matter what you wear - you can always get free hugs

Free hugs

Saturday, 27 September 2008

How to Order Food in Japan

Japan is famous for its "fast food" - the food bar (that's what I'm gonna call it from now on).

Food bar

How do you order from these kinda bars? Well, its easy. At the entrance of this place, there's always the menu.


Pick what you want. Though, not all of it comes with English words.

Food vending

Since its the land of the vending machines - there's this vending machine at the entrance. You place your money in it, and pick the food that you want. If you're lucky, you get the pictures there (and if you're even luckier - it'll be in English!). Otherwise, it'll be just Japanese words, and you'll have to randomly pick out something to eat. Hopefully its something edible.


Then you get your ticket. Walk into the bar - sit at the stools (but some places there's no stools - you'll have to stand!), and give the ticket to the person behind the bar.

Steak-o don

Then comes your food! Usually water or tea is for free.  

Friday, 26 September 2008

Continuation... all things weird in Japan

Japan, land of the vending machines. That doesn't make decisions any easier!


Also, I noticed that some toilet wash-butt thingie can actually WARM your toilet seat! And I finally found one with some English writing on it.


Wonder why they need the "flushing sound" for????

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Japan - land of the vending machines

I've arrived in Japan! Japan... land of the wonderfully weird stuff.

Choices galore

Land of the vending machines.

Automatic External Defibrillator

Automatic External Defibrillator - just in case you get a heart attack looking at all the prices in Yen.


Land of sake - even in a bamboo "cup"... Kampai!

Yum yum 

Where looks are just as important as taste.

Warm water? 

Where you can adjust the temperature of the water... for cleaning your butt!


And where else would you have flights cancelled due to VOLCANIC GAS???

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I'll skip all the words this time. Let the pictures speak for itself! :D Guess where I took the pics?!?!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I hate it when I don't have my own laptop and program to write my blogs (I use Window's Live Writer). Its difficult to get the setting right on blogger.

But anyway, lets talk about Bali. Been there last month. Sanur beach was very pretty looking.

However, Sanur Beach in Bali was full of seaweed when I was there. A pretty beach to look at, but not a great beach to go swimming.

A close up on the seaweed - when its still green, as most were brown and a bit icky. Becareful, you can get some caught in your swimwear!

But I still love Bali. Its unique culture. Unique animals - like this Balinese cows with white backside.

And there was a ceremony, called Kuningan (though I doubt if it has anything to do with Yellow-ing). They're always having different ceremonies all the time. Its easy to catch one while travelling around Bali.

Here's my offering...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Visa for Travels

I count myself lucky to have a Malaysian passport. There are many places we can go without getting a visa. Westerners who come to Asia must apply for visa to enter many different Asian countries, but for Malaysian, its easy. I used to brag about it...

Until... I needed one for Japan!

Not only do I need one to visit Japan, I could only get it from KL! Nope, cant get it from Bangkok. And my Malaysian embassy wouldn't help either. So, I had to rush back to KL to get one, get my ass back to Bangkok and then leave for Japan... phew! Lesson learnt.

Anyway, for other Malaysians, please check here first when planning your journey!

Monday, 8 September 2008

When is my Laptop coming back?

I'm starting to miss my laptop already. It's still in the repair shop. And I'm still deciding if I should get it fixed, or get a new one...

Meanwhile, I'll try to sneak in a post or two while at work... hehehe

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

State of Emergency in Bangkok!!

Nah... don't worry too much about it. It just sounds worse than it seems. If no one told me this morning, I wouldn't even know it. Still had to work today!

If you read about it: The emergency decree signed by Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej empowered the army to restore order with the assistance of police. The Star

The prime minister also issued another order prohibiting assembly of more than five people, publication of news which may cause panic or distort facts affecting law and order, and use of buildings or vehicles as specified by the army chief. People are subject to be moved out of certain areas as ordered by the army chief. Bangkok Post

I even wrote to update The Star - as a Malaysian living in central Bangkok (click here). And submitted this photo.

View from my office window. See - traffic still as normal. Except that there's a police stationed there. Though, I don't know why he was just checking on random motorbikes rather than cars.