Sunday, 28 September 2008

Harajuku Fashion Guide


Harajuku is more or less the teenage fashion street in Tokyo. It's uniquely Japanese - you cant quite compare it to any other place in the world. This is a brief guide on what to wear in Harajuku.

Its best to go with a good friend. Then you can dress up like twins.


Of if you're with a several friends, dress like you belong in a group - not the Mafia kind, but the boy-band kind.

pop stars

You cant go wrong with either black or white.

Black or white 

Accessorise! Hat or head gear, ties, long stockings, wooly boots, etc

wooly boots and long stockingsties are in  Funky hats Something on the head (matching too)

The "school girl" look is in - and easier to go as twins too.

School girl is there something alluring about school girls?

You don't have to be Japanese - fashion applies to foreigners too.

foreigner accessory is important

And if you're a couple - dress in matching clothes.

Cool couple 1  Cool couple 2

And if all else fails... just dress weirdly.

IMG_0758IMG_0805 IMG_0822IMG_0716  

Doesn't matter what you wear - you can always get free hugs

Free hugs


Japanese Fashion said...

Some of the traditional clothing worn by Japanese people is Kimono, Jonihitoe, Yukata etc. Kimono is the most definitive Japanese clothing, which can be worn by both men and women. The difference between men ad women kimonos is that the men kimonos are not very flashy and elaborate and they are just loosely seamed and have narrower sleeves. Women wore dazzling styles of kimonos and they feel pride to possess as it is expensive. It is made up of silk and is available in unique designs, making them different from one another. Kimonos have various parts and each part has a name of its own. This shows that Japanese are very methodical with their clothes also

nat said...

Ah so!
Very informative...