Monday, 15 September 2008


I hate it when I don't have my own laptop and program to write my blogs (I use Window's Live Writer). Its difficult to get the setting right on blogger.

But anyway, lets talk about Bali. Been there last month. Sanur beach was very pretty looking.

However, Sanur Beach in Bali was full of seaweed when I was there. A pretty beach to look at, but not a great beach to go swimming.

A close up on the seaweed - when its still green, as most were brown and a bit icky. Becareful, you can get some caught in your swimwear!

But I still love Bali. Its unique culture. Unique animals - like this Balinese cows with white backside.

And there was a ceremony, called Kuningan (though I doubt if it has anything to do with Yellow-ing). They're always having different ceremonies all the time. Its easy to catch one while travelling around Bali.

Here's my offering...

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