Tuesday, 2 September 2008

State of Emergency in Bangkok!!

Nah... don't worry too much about it. It just sounds worse than it seems. If no one told me this morning, I wouldn't even know it. Still had to work today!

If you read about it: The emergency decree signed by Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej empowered the army to restore order with the assistance of police. The Star

The prime minister also issued another order prohibiting assembly of more than five people, publication of news which may cause panic or distort facts affecting law and order, and use of buildings or vehicles as specified by the army chief. People are subject to be moved out of certain areas as ordered by the army chief. Bangkok Post

I even wrote to update The Star - as a Malaysian living in central Bangkok (click here). And submitted this photo.

View from my office window. See - traffic still as normal. Except that there's a police stationed there. Though, I don't know why he was just checking on random motorbikes rather than cars.

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