Monday, 22 February 2010

Rooftop is closed

Back in 2008, my office building management always leaves the rooftop doors open. So, once a while we will sneak up there to take a break from mundane work. Our building is 22 storeys and one of the highest around this area, so we do get quite a good view from up there.

But nowadays its always locked. I guess it must be due to the silly things we did up there…

its ok, I didnt jump!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves

Timing is right and I find myself in KL again in time for Thaipusam this year. So this year I actually pulled myself outta bed before 5am and went to Batu Caves again (still late, as some of my friends were there from 3.30am!).

What’s different this time? Well, firstly the crowds climbing up were not as crowded, so I managed to actually get up to the caves this time.

going up

Not too crowded at 5am…

 in the caves

Inside the caves…

going down

And the queue coming down from the caves…


And I also noticed a few more details this time round.

apples and orangescoconuts!

in chains errr...

Instead of the normal oranges and apples, I saw coconuts hanging on hooks this time. Also saw people carrying chains around themselves. And I also noticed people actually rolling up to the base of the stairs… 


Who them proceeded to crawl up the stairs, and finally walk into the temple at the caves.

 crawling in tranze

And finally, I leave you with my favourite pic of the day.


Haircut anyone?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wii for Mom & Dad

My bro and I got Wii for Mom & Dad as presents for Christmas (and birthday).

Before opening

Tiger also wants some of the action.

 whats that?

After opening… they’re still clueless what it is…

 ah hah!

Until they tried it out!


But heck, they’d still rather watch those Chinese shows on Astro. So, I might as well play with it when I have the chance :)