Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Review of 2012

Another year has come n gone (and a little bit more). What have I done last year? Not much really...

Achievements in 2012:

Travelled to 6 countries, including 3 new ones!

Includes Dhaka Bangladesh, Kupang Indonesia, Bali Indonesia, Seoul South Korea, Mauritius, Khon Kaen Thailand, Science City Philippines, Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Dubai UAE - places includes both for work and for leisure

Work wise

Work has stabilised a little. At least workload has decreased to something reasonable and is more focused on just one program instead of the multiple ones I was handling back then. I'm now taking it slow and steady.


It's been a while since I really got off my butt. And this year seems to be it. I've joined the hotel gym to use the swimming pool (ok, a bit). I've joined the yoga class at work which is kinda nice, ok I still don't really like yoga but appreciate that it got me off my butt. I've also started some badminton and manage to do a 5k run (ok, I walked - but still!!). It all counts, right?

Started a Masters course

One thing has been bugging me a bit (and some of you out there too) to do more to upgrade myself. Well, opportunity came when I learnt that an online course on animal welfare was available and within my affordability. So, here I am! It's a 3 year course, part time - or so it says.

Finally gotten a smartphone 

Yeah, there are many of you that are amazed I took this long to hop onto the smartphone bandwagon. But here you have it - I got an iPhone around mid last year. And then went all out and got an iPad too! I'm typing this on it right now!

Yeah, so that's my life summed up for last year. Nothing too exciting though. I know it's almost halfway through this year, but lets see what else it brings me. One plan is to actually blog more!!! You out there reading this, do take time to leave a comment or two so I know you're reading this and I might feel more motivated to blog more.