Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Back to India

Going back to India tomorrow. I don't know if I'm actually looking forward to it, or just looking forward to quickly getting through with it.

waiting for the train

Certainly not looking forward to squatting while waiting for the train (but then, this time I'm taking the bus!)

train without any place to wait

But at least this time I'm avoiding Delhi (except for a 7-hr stop over) and going straight to the colourful state of Rajasthan!


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I love my new lens!

Just bout a new 50mm lens. So hot off the press that many camera shops (and large chains) don't have it in stock yet. And it was worth the effort getting it.

Below are some sample shots I took the moment I laid my hand on the lens... naturally, they are photos of my pets (and one of Grace's). Click on them if you want the higher resolution for your wallpaper.

Kobe boy




Baby again, cos she's pretty

Mozza - Grace's boy

Friday, 13 February 2009

What I discovered after being away for so long

After being away for so long, I realised that...

Driving in the jam is stressful!!

Don't know how I did it then, driving almost an hour for work. But then, I still cant live without my car :)

banana yellow

Monday, 9 February 2009

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves

It was Thaipusam on Sunday. It has always been an interesting event to photograph. The people from AsiaShutter and Flickr even decided to go there from 4am to avoid the crowd and get a parking space. Too bad I'm not an early bird. I went there at 4pm instead.

Anyway, it was still super crowded. I didn't even go up the stairs. But instead, I went to the area beside the river where they all start the procession.

First, by a bath by the river. Clean water was provided, though some people still used the icky river.

 shaving babyshower

Followed by some prayer and offerings.

 say a prayerofferings

Then some people go into a trance.

in a trance action

Then they put on the kavadi and/or pierce their tongues or put hooks on their bodies.

tongue piercing piercings and hooks

And then the procession starts. They will walk from here right up the stairs into the main temple. Some will stop and dance along the way, all still in a trance-like state.

dancing his back!


Even children can do this for the Gods.

carrying the mini kavadi milk pots

And after all is done, you can quench your thirst from here:

HOT drinks?!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Chinese New Year

On the way back home from a relative's place, we were passing by one of my Mum's favourite restaurants (serve good noodles) and we saw the lion dance troupe! And I just happened to have the camera on me ;)

pink lions

There was a massive feast (for the Gods) and 2 pink lions dancing! (boy, they must earn a lot from people like my Mum).

feast for the Gods

One whole roasted pig also got. Its for the Hokkien new year (unfortunately, they celebrate a bit later than the rest of us, on the 9th day of CNY).


But best of all, is that they had (illegal) firecrackers! Not just the short one, but the massive long ones. And they had 10 of those!


tung tung chiang

Tung tung chiang!  Happy "Niu" Year!