Monday, 9 February 2009

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves

It was Thaipusam on Sunday. It has always been an interesting event to photograph. The people from AsiaShutter and Flickr even decided to go there from 4am to avoid the crowd and get a parking space. Too bad I'm not an early bird. I went there at 4pm instead.

Anyway, it was still super crowded. I didn't even go up the stairs. But instead, I went to the area beside the river where they all start the procession.

First, by a bath by the river. Clean water was provided, though some people still used the icky river.

 shaving babyshower

Followed by some prayer and offerings.

 say a prayerofferings

Then some people go into a trance.

in a trance action

Then they put on the kavadi and/or pierce their tongues or put hooks on their bodies.

tongue piercing piercings and hooks

And then the procession starts. They will walk from here right up the stairs into the main temple. Some will stop and dance along the way, all still in a trance-like state.

dancing his back!


Even children can do this for the Gods.

carrying the mini kavadi milk pots

And after all is done, you can quench your thirst from here:

HOT drinks?!


Jessie said...

how hot are the drinks? hehehe...melted the ice?hahaha..the boy showered by the holy water is the best shot:)

nat said...

thank you, thank you. glad someone's enjoying it

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Those are some beautiful portraits, Dr. Nat! The trance ones are awesome! Good to know you're back in town for a bit. Say, where's the button on your blog that will allow me to follow it?

nat said...

Got meh? I tot you subscribe via the RSS or something? Gosh, I must be so outdated...

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Hahaha I noticed the last photo is very funny as they seem to be selling cold drinks but they put a hot drink sign instead hahaha

nat said...

yeah yeah! I didnt see any "hot" drinks also. Must be a gimmick to get people to notice this stall! Cos who wants to drink something hot when you're already sweating hot plus fighting your way around the crowds!