Sunday, 18 October 2009

How frustrating!

Its so weird. I have no access to Facebook, Twitter, and my blog (Blogger) from China. Its like being cut off from the rest of the world!

I wrote the last post through Windows Live Writer. When I clicked on “publish”, it returned with an error message. So I thought that I couldn’t connect to Blogger. Mana tau, I got comments on that post (hope I got it published). So, it must have went through somehow. How frustrating it is not to be able to see your own blog!! arggh!

Anyway, small updates: Beijing is quite cold, and the strong winds will chill you to your bones! The good thing with the winds is that it blows the pollution away, and you get clear skies for a day. The next day, the smog is back and you barely see the sun. However, it was much better than the last time I came in March 08. Can’t imagine what it was like before!!

Ok – leave you with a pic of a free range chicken farm in Beijing.

free range

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Arrival in Beijing

Wah… new airport! Its so massive. A long long walk from the plane to the exit. Although the massive size, it wasn’t planned out so properly. There were definitely some bottle neck at some parts, e.g. when getting down the plane, everyone bottleneck on this narrow escalator (the only way in). But security was quite high, can check people so many times (especially for H1N1 – they were really paranoid).

The first restaurant you see greeting you at the airport – KFC. You expecting something else?

After another bottleneck to use the lift to the taxi stand, there’s a long line for taxis! And it comes in groups. Your batch of taxi comes, you rush to the taxi with all your bags and move on!

Oh, there’s also no connection to Facebook, Twitter or Blogger! (hope this goes through, and if it does, I cant see it to verify anything!)


p.s. I also need a t-shirt that says “I’m MALAYSIAN. I’m not Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Nepalese, Thai… etc”

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

There’s a place in Bangkok, often overlooked by tourists, called the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). Last year, the place was relatively empty, but now it is attracting more visitors, mostly locals. Its pretty cool to see such vibrant art scene here in the city. How’s it like in KL these days?

Its just opposite MBK mall. So you can stop by here if you get tired of shopping (haha – I know some of you wont get tired of that!) or just stop by here half an hour before you begin. Its cool, and its free.

the insides

Spirally insides

modern art

Modern art – egg trays that suppose to represent ‘fire’ – go figure

 my fav

Tribute to the King

outdoor art

There’s also outdoor art (see MBK in the background!)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Break dancing in Bangkok

Its nice to see healthy competition in Bangkok. Groups of youngsters are always practicing their break dancing skills on the BTS walkways. And now they get a chance to show off their talents. There was a competition right in front of the Siam Discovery centre, where the teams square off with each other. Enough said, here’s the pictures!

gimme 5!

in the air

on the head

the finale!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Feeling uninspired

Lately I’ve been feeling rather uninspired. Not only to blog, but also to go out to take photographs (besides those for work). Having overwhelming work does not help either. My last set of photos seem to be way back in July (during Nepal trip)!!

Any ideas on how to gain back some motivation to go out and shoot some nice pictures?