Sunday, 18 October 2009

How frustrating!

Its so weird. I have no access to Facebook, Twitter, and my blog (Blogger) from China. Its like being cut off from the rest of the world!

I wrote the last post through Windows Live Writer. When I clicked on “publish”, it returned with an error message. So I thought that I couldn’t connect to Blogger. Mana tau, I got comments on that post (hope I got it published). So, it must have went through somehow. How frustrating it is not to be able to see your own blog!! arggh!

Anyway, small updates: Beijing is quite cold, and the strong winds will chill you to your bones! The good thing with the winds is that it blows the pollution away, and you get clear skies for a day. The next day, the smog is back and you barely see the sun. However, it was much better than the last time I came in March 08. Can’t imagine what it was like before!!

Ok – leave you with a pic of a free range chicken farm in Beijing.

free range


豪杰当道 said...

Very cham to get isolated? :P

Othman Juliana said...
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Othman Juliana said...

yeah, had same prob in dubai-they block evrything related to fb or such. talk about life without the net~ yes, it was horrible~ grrrr..

Juliana Hanim-SRKSS 1991

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Hope you're back in civilised society now. The chickens are so pretty! Love the spots, very fashionable!