Sunday, 27 July 2008

To the Beach!

The long weekend aint over yet!

3 days to go - So I took the opportunity to escape the city, and onto an island! Koh Chang!

5 hour bus journey plus an hour on the ferry (and another hour on the taxi to the beach of my colleague's choice - to escape the crowd and commercialism). And we're here on Bai Lang Bay, next to Lonely Beach.


You'd think that it would be the perfect getaway, and rest before Monday comes again. Let me give you good advice - don't go to Koh Chang in the middle of July, the monsoon season! Or check the weather first, at least. It was rain rain rain, and only a few hours of sun (cloudy sun actually).

What's more disappointing, was that the beach is like this (at low tide):

Should be called Rocky Bay

Feet-hurting rocky beach! Bleaakhh...

Crabby beach

And while taking pictures on the beach, such as this crab above... I hurt myself walking into this:

Dead puffer fish!

Ouch, the spikes! (and the poison?!?) Good to know that my feet is still OK. Phew!

Well, at least the sunset was KINDA nice (for the first day), though kinda cloudy. (Of course, there was no sunset on second day - too cloudy/rainy).


But we still got to relax...


And do silly things with the camera again

Save me from the monster!

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