Monday, 7 July 2008

Pak Khlong Flower Market

On Saturday, I followed a bunch of Flickr people to go on a photography outing in Bangkok. One of the places we've visited is the Pak Khlong Talat, or flower market.

The place is cool! Its a real "assault" on the senses. Beautiful, colourful flowers everywhere. You can smell its freshness throughout the market.

spot the head, if you can.

Rows and rows of bouquets of flowers.

orchids of every kind

Orchids of every colour.

bunches of roses for 50 baht

Bunches of roses for only 50 Baht

garlands as temple offerings

Colourful garlands made specially as temple offerings


Colourful daisies of every shape and size


Best of all... is all the cheap flowers available there. I got this bunch for only 30 Baht! (Can anyone tell me what type of flower this is?)


Anonymous said...

stunning flowers.

Silverdale florist

sweeteepye said...

very pretty! Think the last orange ones are gerberas. Colorful and cheery type flowers. Used to have a pot, but they died. Was it me, I don't know. ;p