Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Storm is Coming

Today, it was a gloomy day. Thanks to the monsoon season here in Bangkok, we have lots of rain, and occasional thunderstorms. Today was especially dark and stormy. And it was also the time I ventured to the rooftop of my 24-storey office building!

Yes, our office building, I think, is the tallest in the area. From my 19-floor office, we have a lovely view. And even better views from our toilet.

Going to the highest floor - 23rd floor, then taking the stairs one more floor up, we reach the door to the rooftop. It was unlocked. In fact, it was wide open.

Venturing further, there's a metal spiral stairs leading upwards into the windy area. And, that area is just wide open! We're right on top. No barricades or railings whatsoever!! And it was windy!

One can venture right to the edge, like this...

dare to jump?

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