Sunday, 2 March 2008

I Survived India!

I survived India!! Yes... without any diarrheoa!
I guess many people have heard of travels to India - and usually the comments are negative, e.g. too dirty, too many poor people, etc etc etc. But, really, for me, I find it rather interesting. Yes, it is dirty (and very dusty/sandy) and there are many poor people on the streets, but it has quite interesting places to visit. But then again, I didn't really do a lot of sight seeing or walking around the town to get a real sense of India.
But anyway, instead of having to write something about my trip there, let me put in the pics instead.

A truck with "Horn Please" painted at the back.

Horning is sooo sooo common in India. There's no such thing as peace and quiet when you're on the road. It has become expected that you horn each other when you're driving there. Dont ask me why...
Kids in a tuk-tuk.

I guess this is a type of "school bus". In fact, its not uncommon to see up to 6 adults in one tuk-tuk.

Government Work is God's Work

So much bureaucracy in India. Everyone rely on the government to do something for any problem in India. That's why you see so many departments everywhere. However, how they do their job is a totally different matter.

Just another day stuck in traffic

Street food in Bangalore

I ate this street food (I forgot what its called). Its kinda like a little salad in a shell of some pastry. Quite nice. Amazingly, I survived! Well, they do say that they dip it in hot water...

Free air?

Stray dogs in Ahmedabad

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