Monday, 21 April 2008

Bangkok Torch Relay

April 19th 2008 - the Olympic Torch relay passes through the streets of Bangkok. Here are some pictures of the event. Many spectators gathered on the side of the street to witness this event.Many people were actually the major sponsors - namely Coca Cola, Samsung and Lenovo.Many of them were patriotic Chinese people.Many police were there (2000 of them) to stand by in case of riots...and to keep order... make sure everyone is behind the lines. There were "Special" police from China. This one was running ahead of the torch, making sure the line was clear. Here comes the Torch!!! Yes, surrounded by photographers and many many Chinese supporters. This was as much as I could see. Yes, even choppers were circulating the area. Of course, there were peaceful gatherings of Pro-Tibet supporters... somewhere in the middle of the route. And they gathered in front of the United Nations building. Pro-China supporters gathered opposite the road to the protestors... chanting things like "We Love Tibet" and "One China, One Family" or "Liar! Liar!"
Police were there to keep everything in check. Especially for the Pro-Tibet demonstrators.But there were still a few pro-China supporters who crossed the line. Then the Torch parade comes... lead by... a Thai clown?!?!? Followed, of course, by all the major sponsors.
Then followed by hoards of Chinese supporters - who followed the torch for all the 10+km. In fact, they crowded over the torch, that I didn't even realise the torch passed by this area! Note the police baracade to prevent them from reaching the protestors.Then it was followed by the bus carrying all the torch bearers - who actually waved and gave the thumbs up to the protestors (though I doubt it was because they were supporting the demonstrations, they were just ignorant of what was happening). Then when everyone dispersed, this man sat down with his "Anty China" speeches... not that I understand any of it, it was in Thai.
Well, anyway, in case any of you are thinking about all the protesting, here's a little background about Tibet and the Dalai Lama. And here's the link for the Bangkok protestors. And for those interested, a link to the KL Pro-Tibet people. Becareful of simply supporting blindly...

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