Saturday, 21 June 2008

Shopping for Cars

Where's the best place to shop for cars in Bangkok? Why, in the shopping mall of course! More specifically, in Siam Paragon.


There's the Lamborghini


The Lotus


The Maserati

And lots more!

(Ok, my bro will probably kill me cos I didn't get the names/models exactly right...)


Anonymous said...

Nat, why do you have to travel around the world as you are a vet? Is it part of your work?

nat said...

Cos there needs to be someone to see that good welfare is maintained in the other countries! hehe..

Anonymous said...

good welfare? what does it means?

nat said...

Ah... the inevitable question. Welfare is a complex subject, not that easy to explain in a sentence or two here. If you want, you can google "animal welfare" or wiki it. Welfare is normally measured using the 5-freedoms (go google it). Look around you, and you'll see there are plenty to do. Even getting vets to maintain good standards will increase animal welfare. If you want a more detailed explanation, email me.