Thursday, 20 November 2008

Crazy India

You know you've landed in a crazy place when the first thing you see at the airport are exit signs such as these (at opposite ends):


What the....?? How do you know where to get out? Are you considered a commoner or do you want premium?

Then you see things such as this on the road:

Public transport

What the..?? Is this some sort of cheap public transport?


And you see signs such as this:

no alcohol...

What the...??? Are the people there not matured enough until they reach 25 years of age??


Things like this is a common sight:

rubbish and strays

What the..?? Rubbish everywhere (actually picture on top is considered "clean"), and lots of stray animals of every kind (cows, cats, dogs, donkeys, camels, crows, ponies, monkeys, squirrels, rats, pigeons, buffaloes, goats, chickens, ducks - you name it, its there).


And look at the shops here:

cloth shop

What the..?? Is that a cloth shop? Would you buy those from the floor? 


Well, even if you buy seemingly clean ones, chances are they were once like this:

drying clothes

What the..?? Are they drying cloth on the road side? And its beside the patches where they were drying cow dung (not pictured here)!! 


Ahh... India is unique indeed...

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