Thursday, 1 January 2009

Reflections 2008

What have I achieved in 2008? A lot!


Here are 8 things I achieved in 2008:


1. Working and living in a foreign country on my own

Yes, I did it. I finally experienced working in a foreign country (although its just our 'neighbour'). And more, I managed to live on my own for a whole year (the quick trips back home doesn't count). I love it! Freedom! No one to nag me on anything. I can do anything I want! Yay! And, no, it doesn't feel as lonely as you think it is. One would think so, but I actually feel lonelier back home, when you have friends not willing to go that extra 5 minutes to meet up.


2. Started a blog, and stuck to it

If anyone really know me, I hardly stick to something in the long term. For me to actually start a blog was a big step in itself, and for me to stick to it, updating frequently has to be a miracle! Well, ok. So it isn't such a miracle. And there's hidden agenda here. Partly its because I don't have to keep on updating family and friends on my whereabouts or how I'm doing away from them (just need to tell them to visit this blog). Partly its also to show off my pictures, so enjoy them while you can. And the last bit is to try earning some money from the Internet, since I do spend so many hours online (so, go on... click on the above Google ads!! ). Heh - I'm not rich, my account only have about $5 in it, which I cant cash until it reaches $50.


3. Learn about project management and planning

I've just completed a workshop on "Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation" as I write this blog. Boy, it doesn't get any easier! The level of complication just get horribly complex. But this is what many international organisations use, i.e. the UN. Lots more to learn...


4. Travelled to 9 different countries

And that's excluding Thailand or Malaysia. This also includes 4 new countries I've never been before: China, India, Nepal and Bhutan. Some travels are for holiday, some for work. And no, I'm not tired of travelling yet - just that I do get a little less insistent on visiting all touristy spots in the area. One surprising thing is that travelling back to KL is exhausting! So many people meet, catch up and things to do, no time to relax. (ok, dont worry, you'll all get plenty of me when I'm back for 3 weeks during Chinese New Year).

Anyway, here's the list of travels done in 2008:

  1. Beijing, China
  2. Koh Tao, Thailand
  3. Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India
  4. Phuket, Thailand
  5. London, UK
  6. Koh Samet, Thailand (holiday)
  7. Bhutan (for holiday!)
  8. Koh Chang, Thailand (holiday)
  9. Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia
  10. Tokyo, Osaka and Miyazaki, Japan
  11. Ayutthaya, Thailand
  12. Kathmandu, Nepal
  13. Agra, India (holiday)
  14. New Delhi and Jodhpur, India
  15. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  16. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Conclusion: Most expensive country to travel to = Bhutan. Most interesting place to visit = Japan. Most sucky place to go =  India.


5. Moved on from learning photography to teaching it

I must say that I'm not a professional photographer. I still cant get my photos on stockphoto sites. I didn't win any competition (ok, so I've only tried once). But, the bottom line is that I'm still learning. However, when I saw the SLR camera being underused in the office (well, nobody had any clue whatsoever!) - so I knew I had to do something. I ended up teaching everyone in office how use the camera and how to take better pictures. Then ended up teaching more than just people in the office too (I just finished one in Sri Lanka). Maybe I should start charging for a course. Hehe - anyone wanna learn photography?


6. Took an online course

Took an online course in the last 4 months - and I got 4.0 (that's an A for all you normal folks out there). What's amazing, is that I had to do this while my peak travel period. Yes, it was non-stop travelling the last 4 months. As a result of that, I still have a couple of reports pending. But I knew I had to do it, next year would be very busy too. And maybe I'll take another course then... hehehe...


7. Got all my wisdom out

WISDOM TOOTH, that is. Yes, I've put it off for a long time. So I finally found courage to get it done - I've got my last wisdom tooth removed! Now I feel so relieved that I don't have to suffer another horrible toothache.


8. Survived 2 state of emergencies in Bangkok

Ok, so this is not much of an accomplishment, and I wasn't in Bangkok for the second one (cant get in, they took over the airport!). But it was all hoo-haa and blown way out of proportion anyway. Life continues as usual in Bangkok, with or without the state of emergency. In fact, it was just a fancy pansy name - nothing much was done anyway.


Happy New Year!

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