Monday, 13 July 2009

Farewell, my camera!

My camera of 2.5 years is finally sold. So many good times, so much memories, so many photos … farewell!

Nikon D40

So sad – had to swipe the photo from Ken Rockwell, I don’t even have a photo of my baby…

For those who look down on it (just because its the lowest speck DSLR, and the cheapest too), all I can say is that good photographs depend on the photographer, not the camera. The D40 is small but equally powerful to give you amazing shots, and even though its 6 megapixels, its still enough to print large prints (like magazine covers!). Its a damn good camera. Hope its new owner enjoys it as much as I do.


Anyway, this week I’ll get a new camera – the Nikon D90!


Stanley said...

I did the same thing a month back! The Nikon D40 deserved loads of respect for giving a newbies a chance to 'dip their toes' in the dslr world with its affordable price. HAhahah, but I'm lovin my D90 EVEN more!

nat said...

Yaayy!! Now I really cant wait!!

kedaigambarkami said...

hi thanks for dropping by, for your infos,yes the colour is vivid but not so when the photos are printed.colours in computer screen may vary than the actual print.