Friday, 30 April 2010

Donkeys in Kathmandu

Donkeys are so cute.


And curious

hello there

But in Kathmandu, they’re used for work. They work here at the brick kilns.

brick kiln



Many donkeys suffer by having to carry heavy loads each day and being beaten by the donkey carers (who are mostly very young kids, who belong in school anyway).

But at least there are some people working for these donkeys.


Donkey treatment by car light, looked on by kids.

 curious ones safe

And abandoned donkeys have somewhere to go. 


More information available from Animal Nepal.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Donkeys are adorable! Their patient faces, their good-natured smiles, their shaggy heads, their oversized ears! I love them! I first learned about the suffering and exploitation of donkeys when I first started reading "Animal People". I know there are donkey sanctuaries and donkey trusts in the UK, and I hope they also house and rehabilitate donkeys from other parts of the world that are not privileged enough to set up their own species-specific sanctuaries.

karynn said...

they r so cute! can keep as pets ar??? :p

nat said...

Oh... can can. actually there's an adoption program going on. But the major condition is that you must have enough space. they're very adorable!