Monday, 28 June 2010

5-star hospital

Medical tourism is a big thing in Bangkok. So, you get a lot of posh hospitals around. Bangkok Hospital is one of them.


A fountain greets you when you arrive at the hospital. And you go straight to the International reception where they speak all sorts of language. And there’s even special section that caters for foreigners – like the whole Japanese section (even the TV is playing Japanese shows).

languages spoken

Japanese section

Bell boys help you to carry your luggage.

luggage anyone?

If you don’t have enough cash, don’t worry, ATMs are available everywhere.


Cafeteria never looked so good.


yums fresh fruits

And if you don’t like cafeteria food, no worries. There’s Starbucks.

starbucks in the lobby

Its so big, you may need a tour to see the place.

tour anyone?

And if you’re still bored, there’s always other things – museums, art gallery, or even live entertainment!



live musicwhat better way to heal

And if that doesn’t suit you, maybe you can do some exercise and count how many calories you’ve burnt.

  calorie stairs


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Great holiday idea! I'll go there to get a few teeth tweaked, have the leave days deducted from my Sick Leave instead of Annual Leave, and claim from medical insurance! And go party in Patpong! Ha ha! Great pics and reporting, I must admit.

Jessie said...

BTW, why did u go to bangkok hospital? anaphalytic shock? hehehe...i should have gone to this hospital last time...aiksss...:)

nat said...

Eh no lah, its for a check-up. Company pay wan :)