Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mooncake Festival

Mooncake festival, or what is better known as the mid-autumn festival, was on 22nd September this year. It is traditionally the harvest festival in China, but also celebrated by many Chinese descendents overseas. Read more about it in the link provided.
classic mooncake with salted egg yolk
It is a time to eat mooncakes (hence the name of the f estival). The classical mooncake is one made of lotus paste, but now I’m surprised by the many varieties out there in the market, including the popular durian version in Thailand. The traditional ones are becoming rare! And I miss my mum’s homemade ones too.
fancy mooncake
It is also a time to hang lanterns. A popular thing with kids. While I was young, I remember playing with paper lanterns and some cartoonish ones made with wires and coloured plastic paper. Also a time to play with candles – an excuse to play with fire. These days, lanterns come in so many varieties including battery operated ones!
colourful paper lanterns
When lighting lanterns, be careful not to cause fires!
only partially survived a fire
But above all, it is an excuse to get together with family and friends.

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~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival! I have switched to sticking tealights inside the base of paper lanterns to reduce the risk of the lanterns catching fire when the small candles burn a hole through the cardboard base. The quality of paper lanterns have gone down over the years.