Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2011 in review

What? Its 2012 already? ... what have I achieved in 2011?

1. Time off from work

Its been my fourth year at work in Bangkok, and also one of the most exhausting time. So I decided that I needed a break to get refreshed and took a 6 month sabbatical from work. It has been good times - mostly spent it with family and friends back home, some travelling, and mostly relaxing. It definitely has been the break I needed to get rid of the exhaustion. But had it refreshed my motivation for work? Remains to be seen...

2. Travelled to 8 different countries

Although with the sabbatical from work, there was still a lot of travel during work (and some during break). This year it includes 3 new countries too - Italy, Ghana and New Zealand!
Places I have been in 2011:
  • Kanchanaburi, Thailand
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Rome and Turin, Italy (part work, part holiday)
  • Accra, Ghana (only work though)
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • Taipei and Green Island, Taiwan (holiday)
  • Singapore (meet friends)
  • All over New Zealand (major holiday!)
  • Jakarta and Borobudur, Indonesia
And I've learnt that I might be too old now for true backpacking. Better just stick to budget hotels.

3. Loss interest in hobbies

Well, not an achievement, but a significant change in the year. I think I've lost my motivation for photography or blogging. New equipment, software, joining new groups, etc, just didn't do it for me. But that said, no matter how depressed one gets, there's always someone worse off. Don't worry, I'm still me :)

4. Bungee jumping! 

Oh, did this while in New Zealand. It was really terrifying at first, but of course I had to do it! And I plunged into the water below too. This should really be on everyone's bucket list. Would I do it again? You bet! If only it wasn't so expensive to go jump off a bridge. 

Lets hope for a brighter 2012! Perhaps a more drastic change? Hmm...

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Dennie Cody said...

It was nice to meet you last night but I am sad to read here that you have lost interest in photography.I hope that is a reverse-able decision and that you will take a new interest in taking pictures. Let me try to inspire you. Give me a 30 minute sit down to see if we can't bring you back to the grove...
I accept the challenge...