Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dining like the blind

Ever wonder what it feels like to eat like the blind? Fumbling around with your fork and guessing what is on your plate. That's exactly what we did when we joined this new restaurant in Bangkok - Dine in the Dark.

Mmm... yumm... the fancy desert!

The experience was something really unique. It was interesting that without sight, we can "taste" food differently - what I thought was pork, turned out to be duck. Shows how reliant on sight we are, even for tasting. Maybe somehow we have learnt to use all our senses together, sort of integrated together - like you cant taste things if you have a cold.

But overall, the food was really yummy! And it looked even yummier once we were out and could see what we were served. It was also kinda weird that some of us thought the amount was not enough, though looking at the portions at exit, it was the usual amount that one would have for dinner.

Karynn also posted her view of the dinner on her blog.

Oh, they still have their offer on - 1 free bottle of wine for every 4 guests. Go like their FB page.

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