Saturday, 17 May 2008

London Trip - part 1

My trip to London was of work + fun :)

I took Etihad Airways, which mean a stop over at Abu Dhabi at an ungodly hour - about 4am (Bangkok time!). Boy was the airport security strict (at least going to London) - they had to check my Malaysian ID and return ticket. Some unlucky folks had to have their shoes scanned too!


Abu Dhabi airport - trying to stay awake and not miss the connecting flight

Reaching London early in the morning, I didn't waste any time. Its a walking trip around London and Trafalgar square.


Lots of pillars


And even more statues


Some pigeons


Trafalgar Square 


Fountain in Trafalgar Square

And when my colleague said that I could easily take money out of any hole in the wall in England, I didn't know she meant it literally!


Hole in the wall

Day 2 was a trip around the Inns of Courts and the Royal Courts of Justice


Royal Courts of Justice

Followed by lunch and some people-watching in Camden Lock/Market - one of the more unusual places to visit in London.


Its cool seeing the water go up and down for the boats to pass through. Closing and opening the gates were still done manually - gasp!


One of the usual shops in Camden Market

And then seeing some busker do their thing in Covent Garden


Covent Garden

Next day we had a tour to the Cotswolds - which consists of visiting a few little towns/villages. Funny, a town or a village is defined by whether it has a church/cathedral or a market place, not by its size.


In Bibury, beside the little trout-filled river. And of course, plenty of ducks too.


A church in Burford


Where there is a little graveyard


And where we had a picnic for lunch - beside the little stream


Another view of the churchyard - littered with gravestones


In Bourton-on-the-Water, there's a little place where they made a miniature of the village.


It made people 'Monster size' - think of Godzilla


And of course, there's the miniature of the miniature. If you look closely on the upper left, there's a miniature of the miniature of the miniature.

On the way back, we had a bonus stop in Rollright to see the King Stone and the King's Men which is actually his knights which formed a stone circle. Read the myth here - very interesting.


The circle of Knights

London trip - to be continued.

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