Saturday, 24 May 2008

London Trip - part 2

On Monday (a bank holiday in UK) I went to the Natural History Museum.

 Natural History Museum

Where scary dinosaurs roam

Scary dinosaurs

And big mammals live

Big mammals

Also some monkey heads 


Then had dinner in Hyde Park.

Hyde park

Then work starts on Tuesday. This is my work building.


Visited a few shelters in (and around) London.

 Adopt me!

Take me home!

And to get to one of them, I had to take a train from King's Cross Station at Platform 9 3/4!

Harry potter style

Some lucky dog...

Lucky punk

yum... fish... 

Also visited the City Farm - cute concept, to show city kids farm animals.

 City Farm

9... 10... a big fat hen!

9.. 10.. a big fat hen!

Of course, they need donations for the upkeep of the farm.

Donate, my ass!

Of course a visit to London is not complete without a watching a West End show. So, I watched Wicked. And it IS wickedly good!


On my last day - visit to the Tate Museum and a visit to the thieves' storage facility ... oh! I meant the British Museum. 


British Museum

To visit King Tut and family

King Tut

Its like visiting Easter Island without even being there!

Easter Island

Mayan art

mayan art


And of course, had to say good bye to the London Bridge

London Bridge

Bye bye!! Till next time, London!

Oh yeah, for those who like it hot - London was warm and sunny when I was there!! Just when I was expecting cold and rainy weather! Cis...

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