Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lights Out!

KLCC lights off?

Saturday, 28th March 2009, 8.30pm, Earth Hour. Its the call for support of our planet, Earth, by switching off your lights.

What did I do? I was in Chiang Mai, and I went out to the night bazaar. Hotel room lights were off, of course. (ok, fine, so I didn’t really do much, but its the thought that counts).

What did YOU do?


A.T. said...

Yes indeed, it's the thought that counts! At the time of writing this it's not quite noon, but our lights will be out at the office and (personally) at home. Additionally I am not going to drive today. Instead, take the dog for a walk, groom the horse (too wet for a ride today) and contemplate what other power-less activities can be done!

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Many, many things! My outreach work takes up a lot of time, and I always practice what I preach! Come visit my blog later this week, I will have updated with an entry on the Earth Hour street party I helped to coordinate!

nat said...

aww... you guys are making me feel more guilty. Anyway, in my contribution to planet Earth, I've been trying to cut down on my use of plastic bags - definitely a challenge in Thailand!