Monday, 3 August 2009

ATM charges are a rip off in Thailand!

stupid charges!!

Lately (since about April) all the ATMs in Bangkok will charge a stupidly high fee for each withdrawal. They’ll charge you THB 150 – and that’s on top of your own bank charges!! So imagine having to pay something like THB 250 per each transaction. You better make full use of each withdrawal and draw out the maximum of THB 20,000 (but you still pay 1.25% extra) each time, and only if necessary.

So please bring more cash into Thailand next time!

And tips for Malaysians – the best exchange rate you can get from here is from K-bank (the rest has really horrible exchange, and a lot of difference too). Calculate from here if you get a better rate in Thailand or Malaysia.


豪杰当道 said...

Use more credit cards... less cash lo!

Anonymous said...

That news is dated now,as of late 2015 the rip-off is 180 baht. the max. is 20k.
But for the mother of all rip-offs....once again it's the Philippines 200pesos each time ($4.50) and get this 10,000p max.That's $227.