Sunday, 9 August 2009

Moving house

Family is gonna move house soon, but only 5 mins away from the current one. Dad currently busy managing the renovations.

new house

Mom + Dad gonna take the master bedroom with a huge closet (walk in closet?). Bro’s gonna have 2 rooms combined to have more space for his toys. Me? I’m gonna be given the smallest room (also will be the “guestroom”), measuring 9x10 feet! Room colour looks iffy… maybe I can help make it better when I’m back.

matching colours????

Or maybe the cats will be happier to have it.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Congratulations to your family on the new home!

Why were you given the smallest room? Because you have moved out?

Definitely for the cats, that one.

Jessie said...

wah...nice wor...corner lot?

kt said...

oooo... cool!!! more space for cleo, haley and d gang???? :)

nat said...

yes yes... more room for Cleo and the gang... plus the cats.

And its not a "corner" house.. its called "end-lot" :)

My small room is cos my parents expect me to stay in Bangkok!

Its ok u guys.. i'll invite u all over for CNY, as usual :)

kt said...

:) end lot still have plenty of room 4 da cuties!!

wanna come cari u in bangkok la one of these days... juz takde masa. boohoohoooooo!!!! :( :(