Saturday, 26 September 2009

H1N1 getting too much hype

Thailand is hit quite bad with the latest swine flu (oops, suppose to say AH1N1 flu). The latest news is that 160 people has already succumbed fatally to this disease.

Just the word “global pandemic” has caused fear into so many people. Weird trends start to pop up…

Not only do everyday people try to wear the mask all the time (unsuccessfully, as sooner or later they partially pull it down to expose their nose to they can breathe better), but “fashion” masks are now the new trend.

panda mask

The better way to actually prevent the disease is to avoid touching your face, and washing hands more frequently (wash for at least 30 seconds with soap). Hand sanitizers are being sold out everywhere. And many places, posh shopping malls included, provides free hand sanitizers.

free sanitizing gel

Now you know things are getting out of hand, when every other commercial enterprise just want to get into this trend…

antiseptic towelette?

Airlines giving antiseptic towelettes!


Oh, by the way – here’s a story of an infection despite all the mask wearing (note how this story is just a small sub-story). Read more about the effect of the mask here. Remember, masks are more important when YOU are sick to prevent your germs spreading! What is more scary, is the NORMAL flu going around killing 250 x more people than swine flu. Beware!


豪杰当道 said...

Gd advice.. the last few sentences!

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

All I can say is, take good care of yourself but don't stop having wonderful adventures, Dr. Nat!