Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Does this make you feel queasy?

tilting drink

No, your eyes has not gone wonky. The glass is made to be tilted. This is served up at one of the highest rooftop bars in Bangkok (63rd floor!). That’s why this place is called “Vertigo”.

Come only if you’re not afraid of heights. The sunset here is magnificent! Take a cab to the Banyan Tree hotel and see it for yourself. One of the must-see places in Bangkok.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Thanks for the travel tip! Will make a pitstop on my next visit to BKK. Does it have a dress code, though? I went to the V9 at Sofitel and they had a dress code.

nat said...

A bit of a dress code. No slippers, no shorts. But they're a bit relaxed with women, and they have like spare shoes for you anyway.

Stanley said...

I've been there! Really nice place with lots of wind. Its just a little pricey though.