Thursday, 25 March 2010

My little room in the new house

My family moved into our new house in January (yes, that’s the house beside the “hutan simpanan kekal” – hah!). Parents of course took the master bedroom. My brother joined 2 rooms for himself (one of it is for his toys – boys will be boys).

The room they left me must be like an afterthought, “what shall we do with this tiny room? Oh, right, we can let her stay here”. Even the storeroom is bigger!

Anyway, its cheaper to furnish a small room. And since I may not be there too often, I’ll dedicate it to the cats.


Cat platforms for them. To save space, my stuff hangs below.


View from the mirror.


Platform leads to above the door, where they can have a snug snooze. DSC_5208

The sofabed, where they can perch on and watch the world go by outside the window.


Unfortunately, handsome boy Kobe has went out of the house and has not returned since. Its been just over 3 weeks now. If anyone sees him, tell him to come home. We (and the dogs) miss you.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Gorgeous room and even more gorgeous cats, Dr Nat! What a capital idea -- the cat platforms. I want to do it when I get my own house. Fix shelves staircase-fashion all the way to over the door.

Othman Juliana said...

hey mate~ awesome deco, love it and adore it. kudos nat!