Saturday, 20 March 2010

Red Shirt rally around Bangkok

The red shirts are doing a rally around Bangkok today. map

Map taken from here.

Part of the route passes by near where I live. Rallies in Thailand are normally peaceful (even attended by kids). So, I thought this would be an interesting event to watch and photograph.

red shirts rally

There are still many supporters of the red shirts. People rushing to the streets, dressed in red or carrying a red handkerchief to wave to the passing rally.

supporter supporters

People of all ages were at the rally. Its sort of like a family outing. Even foreigners and dogs joined.

family on a bike

  spiderboyfarang  doggy!

The train station had to close temporarily.

  no trains

Police were around, of course.

police on the phonemore cops cops in tight uniform

Some people even take advantage of this to make some money.

red scarf for THB 20 cold drinks and ice cream!

More photos of the rally:

 truth today peace



uh... wrong countrypeace yo!

But, though it is a lot of people, just go back one alley and things feel normal again.

 fortune town


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

LOL @ the Che Guevara flag! Wow! This is amazing, Dr. Nat! Only Thais could turn civil unrest into a tourist event! Better mark it in our flight calendars, come and see for ourselves, participate in the next red shirt - yellow shirt riots.

tulipzt said...

tak takut ke dr nat? what if they splash u with blood....??? anyway, nice pics! ;)