Tuesday, 22 January 2008

10 Things I Learnt from My First 10 Days in Bangkok

  1. I learnt how to say Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night in just ONE word: SAWADEEKA!
  2. I learnt how to teleconference - my first teleconference with HQ in UK and with other staff from other offices such as Brazil, Africa, Canada, Europe, Middle East, etc. So cool to speak to so many people from around the globe all at once!
  3. I learnt that Bangkok is really FLAT. That means, if you are at sufficient height, the view can be fantastic. Except for the haze, that is.
  4. I learnt how hard it is to tell the men and women apart... for some people.
  5. I learnt that everyone wants to help you, even if they don't know how.
  6. I learnt that it can be expensive to live in Bangkok. A one bedroom apartment rental in good places can reach up to USD$1000 per month! Or more!
  7. I learnt how to scan documents into pdf files. The machine in the office is just so cool (or I might be so outdated).
  8. I learnt that the BTS and MRT (train lines) card cannot work with the other line. And you cant put both cards on the reader too - e.g. if they are both in your wallet.
  9. I learnt that none of my collegues goes home at 5.30pm (except one), but they switch off the central air conditioning, so you'd have to go back eventually or die of heat stroke. And everyone works through lunch hour too! Gosh.
  10. And lastly...

  11. I learnt that there's 16 public holidays a year in Thailand!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wAT's up nAT in the land of wAT?

wateva happened to that blog title i chose for you? =p

glad you're settling down just fine in bangkok. your office is pretty cool. love the toilet. can you do IT facing the view?? curious you know... . wwow .. like doing IT in the open sky.

deskbound job.. can't imagine you doing that dude! clautrophobic don't you think?

goodluck with your homehunt.