Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Bye Bye KL.... Sawadeeka Bangkok!

Leaving KL... spot my flight...

AK 882 to Bangkok

I'm currently staying in Chaophya Park Hotel. Very nice! You can see my room here below. Now I have until Chinese New Year to find a new place to stay.
A nice welcome the hotel gave too! Lovely fruit basket awaits me in the room. Actually, they just look really nice, but the grapes are really sour. The jambu is good though! And the rest I haven't touch yet.
Here's what it looks like outside my window. Can you spot the "elephant building"? Can you also spot the HAZE???? Yes, even from the plane I can see a thick blanket of haze all over the city. Scary...
This is where my office is. 2 minute walk away.
Oh yeah, there's free internet in my room. And there's also free WIFI everywhere! :)


Jessie said...

all the best. hope u find a permenant place to stay :)

BAM said...

Room sure looks cosy and I love jambu too!

Free Wifi is great, cept dunno how the body is taking being whacked on all sides by it! ;p

pork chop said...

i like the elephant building. So cute!! looks like Lego