Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My Office in Bangkok!

Its the first week of work for me... and I'm still trying to get the hang of working in a REAL office. The office itself is small, but spacious enough to accomodate all 14 of us here. Soon there'll be a few more to join us, and then it might get a little cozy.

My desk!! Its a little empty at the moment, but the paperwork is already building up. I know, its not even quite "personalised" yet. Give me some time, its only my first week. And that's my cat (Baby) on the computer screen. I wish we could have an office cat.

My immediate boss's desk. My boss gets the window view (but its all fog anyway), but you get to see the sunset from here. My desk is just beside this one - this pic was taken from my desk. And oh, I'm surrounded by vegetarians - front, back, left, right and across... (oh, the pressure! Imagine each time you eat chicken, someone will go "poor chicken...")
The office is kinda cool, literally. The aircon of course. Its centralised air conditioning for the entire building. It can be get quite cold sometimes. But after 5.30pm the aircon is turned off, then it can get quite stuffy. But the coolest part of the office is....

The toilet! The large windows make things feel rather "open". People take their time in the toilets, well, at least I do. Enjoy the view!

And you can see my hotel from the toilet. Far ahead is Bangkok city centre. That's where the highway is heading to. It doesn't get really jammed, but the traffic is still quite heavy on the highway.

The notice board in the kitchen (ok, more like a small pantry). There's even some info up there on how to take good pictures!


BAM said...

Office cube looks neat. :)

Think you'll be influenced to turn vegetarian too?

Toilet looks nice!

kt said...

ooh... everything is soooooooo cool!!!

except for d vege-eating bit. we only 1 vegetarian in our office and it's already a pain when we go out to eat in a group. cant leave him out either as he's d BIG BIG boss!! haha!!