Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Apartment Hunting in Bangkok - Part 1

Wow. A whole big task here. I started browsing through the internet before I came here. Just so many choices, so I guess I could easily get one when I come here. Wrong guess… TOO MANY choices is the problem here! Yes, too many choices can be a problem. I’ve become rather picky now. So sum it up… I’ve looked at apartments via:
  1. Internet. DUH. Just so many websites, so many agents, so many ads… the list goes on and on and on. Just one headache when I first arrived. I have no idea where all the places are!
  2. Newspapers/magazines. Someone told me to look into BK Magazine. Heck, its even online.
  3. Agents. Yes, their names are everywhere. They’ll show you some apartments for free. Just tell them when.
  4. Walking around. You’ll see ads along the sidewalk. Just give the numbers a ring (it could turn up to be an agent’s number too).
  5. Word of mouth. Well, this is tough when you don’t know anyone around. Hehe… fortunately for me, while shopping around, I met this Thai girl who was working in KL. After talking for a while, she said she was a real estate agent! What luck. :D

One thing you’ll realize very soon. You’ll need to prioritize what you’re looking for in a place to stay:

  • Type of accommodation – condo, apartment, service apartment, townhouse, house (yes, they’re all different). Then its what you want in the apartment – 1 bedroom, big kitchen, fully furnished, etc.
  • Budget – the all important factor! You can get a cheap, no-security condo for maybe 5000 Baht thats probably too far away from any train station. Or, you can get a nice serviced apartment at most happening place that’s only a 5 min walk to the train for 35,000 Baht.
  • Area – in “happening” area like Sukhumvit, red light district like Patpong, somewhere near to work, somewhere near to PAARRTYYY, somewhere near to train station, near to shopping, near to eateries, etc.
  • The small stuff – well, not so small actually, it can make a difference. That’s things like security, swimming pool, internet, cable tv, laundry, etc etc.

At the end, I realise I don’t even know what I’m looking for!! Too many choices!! Where do I begin???

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