Sunday, 17 February 2008

Apartment Hunting – Part 2

After seeing a few apartments, I've narrowed my search to some things I've wanted.

  1. Apartment – the entire block is managed by one owner. That means if something is wrong with the apartment, they'll fix it immediately. Also, its better security.
  2. Near to train station – don't wanna walk too far to reach the train. Also, not too far from work. Best not to change trains. Dont have to be in 'happening' area, I figured I could just catch a train there anyway.

  3. Budget – I think I don't mind having something nice for 20,000 Baht a month. But of course, cheaper is better.
  4. Amenities – Fully furnished (with modern furniture), 1 or 2 bedroom (to have some privacy when guests bunk in – especially when everyone back home says they WILL be coming!), with kitchen (I like cooking), internet is a must (or else no blogging), security (duh), swimming pool is a plus, balcony with a view is also a plus, all others are bonuses.

Of course, it's not all written in stone. I'm flexible. Hmm... maybe that's why I find it hard to decide.

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