Monday, 13 April 2009

Red shirts + Yellow shirts = Holiday

Last Thursday the Red Shirts (pro-Thaksin party) blocked some of the main roads, especially for the public buses, and created a massive traffic jam all around Bangkok. Rumours spread that they wanted to take over the public trains too. It got pretty bad towards the night, that the prime minister declared Friday a public holiday.

Then the protestors moved to Pattaya, where the ASEAN summit was due to be held. In the end the summit was cancelled, and then the protestors moved back to Bangkok.

On Sunday they were back in Bangkok, and due to the more unruly protestors, a state of emergency was declared… again.

Where was I during that time? Out celebrating Songkran! Yep, life carries on as normal – it was church in the morning (hey, it was Easter after all), and then to Khao San Road for Songkran (cos Silom was quiet). I reached home about 6, and then found out that the state of emergency was declared (it was all over CNN too).

Pictures taken from The Nation.

blocking the roads

Taking over Victory Monument

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Covert_Operations'78 said...

LOL! Out celebrating Songkran! Yes, that's the Dr. Nat that we know so well, all right. Not sitting at home and wringing your hands in fear and anxiety.