Thursday, 16 April 2009

Update: No more Songkran

Kena tipu’ed. Though they said Songkran celebrations is extended till Friday at Khao San, its a lie!! Went to Khao San today afternoon, and its as dry as a bone! Stalls are re-opening selling all sort of knick knacks – clothes, wigs, fake driving licences, etc. (Imagine the embarrassment of carrying a loaded weapon around)

Dry Khao San

Meanwhile, for a chronology of events for the last few days in Bangkok, click here.


Covert_Operations'78 said...

Haa haa! Can imagine you walking around trying to conceal a water gun, and everyone looking at you funny!


Guide to Bangkok Hotels said...

Many thanks with your good story. If i have a chance to visit in Bangkok on April,next year , i will looking for the hotel around Kaosarn Road. I think that Kaosarn Road is good for young travellers. And hope to join water festival... Wow!!!

nat said...

Yeap - Khao San road is the backpacking road. Everything cheap. Within sort-of walking distance to the palace and tourisy places.

Only one drawback - it is a bit far from the trains. So you cant get to the classy places too easily (not a problem when cost is the concern!). Oh, far far from Chatuchak!